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Mondry Terminal Gdynia has been operational since July 2022 on the site of the historic grain terminal at the Port of Gdynia. We are located on two berths – Indian (287 meters long, 10.8 meters draft) and Norwegian (264 meters long, 12.5 meters draft). The first of these berths is currently undergoing reconstruction and, upon completion, will be equipped to handle the largest bulk carriers entering the Baltic Sea, with a draft of up to 15.5 meters. After the reconstruction and investment, the terminal is set to become a new star, a modern global grain hub.

At present, we have a storage capacity of approximately 40,000 tons of grain in 8 silos (14,000 tons), a floor warehouse with 6 compartments (25,000 tons), and a grain elevator. With an average loading rate of 6,000 tons per day in export relations, we can efficiently handle about 1 million tons of grain annually. This places our terminal at the forefront of such facilities in Poland. Currently, we only accept goods directly through truck transport. After verification, railway transport can also be handled at a public unloading point.

We employ modern IT solutions, combined with the experience of our team and management, to ensure the safety of goods, high-quality storage standards, and smooth cargo handling. Above all, we prioritize credibility and reliability for our customers.

For more information, please contact us at biuro@mondry.com.pl.

For inquiries regarding ongoing transport operations, please call +48 723 268 424.